Abuse and Aggression Towards Staff

The Medical profession is a caring profession. Doctors and Nurses want to help patients live as healthy a life a possible. But sometimes they may have to say no, sometimes they may have to break bad news, sometimes patient demands cannot be met if they are unreasonable. We understand that you may be unhappy, unwell, have issues with your mental health but it is never appropriate to shout, swear, threaten or abuse our Doctors and Nurses.

Our Reception and Administration teams are passionate about providing excellent customer service to our patients, in fact most have a background in customer service which is why we employed them. They are not the enemy and they are not trying to prevent you from getting the best care we can provide. Sometimes they have to say no, sometimes it may take longer to sort out your problem and they can’t do it immediately while you are on the phone or at the desk. We have had a very high incidence recently of patients coming to the front desk or calling and feeling shouting and swearing at the Reception team is appropriate. We will no longer be serving patients, in person, via the website or over the phone, who behave in this unacceptable manner.

We want to help. It is very difficult to help someone who is shouting and swearing at us and yet we do it every day. But enough is enough.

If you have a problem, are unhappy, need assistance with an issue, are worried, are concerned we will help you, but be civil and polite while we deal with you. We don’t shout and swear at you so don’t shout and swear at us.