Blood Clinic – Urgent Changes

You may be aware from articles in the Media that there is a National Shortage of blood tubes in the UK at the moment and this has affected local Hospital Blood Clinics from Tuesday, 31 August 2021 until Friday 17 September 2021 which will be cancelled, if routine. Of course, urgent blood collection will continue, but will need to be rebook via the surgery.

If you believe that your blood test was Urgent then please fill in the form “Get Help with Any Health Problem” on the website and a member of the reception team will communicate with the Clinician who requested the test to see whether it needs to be rebooked before the end of September.

We expect sifting through the tests to be a mammoth task, so would ask for your patience in the matter.

If your Routine blood test was part of a Medication Review or Long Term Condition Review a clinician will review your notes and we aim to provide you with enough medication until we are able to rebook your Routine blood appointment. Again, we ask for your patience, but if you are concerned that you are getting low on your medication, please contact us, preferably, through the website.

We hope this message explains the issues and we apologise for the situation which is completely beyond our control.