Ear Irrigation Service

This GP Practice does not currently provide an Ear Irrigation service on request but is working with other GP Practices in our Primary Care Network (PCN) to look at this in the future.

Most cases of ear wax can be successfully sorted using the self-help measures including, in line with NICE (National Institute for Health & Care Excellence) recommendations, to use Olive Oil, which has been clinically proven to be safe and effective for the treatment of ear wax. without the need for ear irrigation (syringing).

A very small number of cases may require ear irrigation, and you will arrange a routine appointment for this. You will be asked to continue with the self-help measures until your appointment.

If you experience problems with your ears, which you believe to be due to impacted ear wax or wax build up, one of our team will examine you.

There are a number of private providers who provide removal of ear wax, either by irrigation or microsuction.