Important Patient Information

Dear Friar Gate Surgery Patients,

We continue to work hard to deliver services to all of our patients in a COVID safe format and still provide our high standard of medical care. Recently we brought in a new method of contacting the surgery via our state of the art website which meant no more sitting in long phone queues. Most of our patients have access to a smartphone, a tablet or a computer so we ask that you use these to fill in the appropriate forms on the website. Appointments and questions are answered in the order that they are received, so you don’t queue jump by calling.

We are finding that more patients, who have previously contacted us via the website are now calling us. By asking the Reception team to fill in the form for you, when you have access to the website yourself, you are just making it harder for our elderly, vulnerable and homeless patients to call us, as they are unlikely to have any access to IT. We respectfully ask patients with access to IT to think of these less able patients.

Finally, contrary to media reports, GP surgeries have been open to see patients face to face. Friar Gate Surgery prides itself on continuing to have appropriate face to face appointments with patients, even when members of the team were off work and unwell with COVID and we had to work with a skeleton crew. With that in mind we ask our patients to be polite to all staff, just as they are to you. Remember that your health in our concern and we will work with you to provide an excellent service, but if things do go awry, please work with us to get things back on track. Shouting and swearing will not help this process. There is not one member of the Friar Gate Surgery team that wants to do anything other than help our patients.

Please check back with the website, as we make more announcements over the coming weeks.

The Friar Gate Surgery Team