Medicines Order Line Service

The NHS Prescription Medicines Order Line Service is the easy way for you to order your repeat prescriptions.

Telephone: 0115 855 0260

Open Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm (excluding Bank Holidays)

Things to be aware of

Your Pharmacy will no longer be ordering on your behalf so have the control over your healthcare needs (exemptions are in place for patients with, for example, dementia)

MOL is just one way you can order your medication. You can also use one of the App, for example the NHS App or you can order directly via the Friar Gate Surgery website

Peak times for MOL are Monday and Tuesday morning, so try and avoid these times.

We will shortly be stopping paper requests dropped in at the surgery, so we have put in these other methods of ordering to help you transition easily to the new systems.

Please read this leaflet for more information