National Receptionists Day 2022

Friar Gate Surgery would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our hard working Reception team.

Our team of 7 Medical Receptionist work hard to provide an excellent service to our patients. But what do they do? Just answer phones all day?

Well no! The team all have a strong background in customer service from a variety of industries and have moved to work within a Medical Reception. Their day will include work on non-clinical triage of the requests via the website (at one of the most highly digitalised GP Practices in the country); booking patients in when they arrive for their face to face pre-booked appointments; attaching medical letters and e-letters to the patient notes; answering calls from patients, district nurses, midwives, paramedics etc and dealing with their queries; contacting patients to make appointments for medication reviews, long term condition reviews, sorting out blood or urine or stool or semen sample requests, liaising with Care Homes, dealing with hard copies of patient notes, nurse administration, requests to contact patients from GPs and Clinical Pharmacists and much more. They do this from 8 am until 6.30pm every day of the year, excluding bank holidays and a team meeting/training once a month.

What happens at the training days? Our Medical Reception team, other than being trained to provide assistance in a medical emergency or dealing with an onsite fire also learn about how to spot signs for Red Flag Patients. These are patients who have contacted the surgery for a general appointment but may be exhibiting signs of a heart attack, stroke or sepsis. I hear you ask “surely patients don’t call the GP when they are that unwell?” Yes they do quite regularly and the Reception team will spot signs and direct patients to A&E or call for an ambulance. Time is often of the essence.

They do this will a polite and helpful manner because every single one of the team want to help patients. This is made difficult when they are shouted at, called foul names, when patients are rude, aggressive, violent. Nobody deserves to come into work and have to deal with this, and yet they come in every day to help our patients and we are very very proud of them.

So National Receptionist Day is only one day of the year, but we celebrate them the other 364 days too!