Vaccine certificates to be available from the 21st July for those under 16 who don’t have the app or NHS logins

We’ve heard from NHS X (Transformation directorate) that a new service is due to start on 21st July that enables children to be issued with electronic copies of their covid vaccinations via the web. Up until now those 13 and older could have used the NHS login process and/or the NHS app to get them and those 12 and older could have requested paper copies to have been posted out to them.

The new system will rely on there being a mobile number and/or an e-mail address associated with the child’s record.

To get a pass, the name/DOB/mobile must be matched and a short code will be sent (proving the phone is in the possession of the user) and then an e-mail address can be entered to which the pass will be sent.

For anyone with an e-mail contact detail only but no mobile, the pass will be e-mailed to that address once the name/DOB/e-mail address match has occurred.

People can still ring 119 (or go online) to ask for paper copies to be posted out.

Check this link for more information and please make sure that your email addresses and mobile phone numbers for your children are up to date.