New Phone System

We are delighted to announce that our new phone system will be fitted Thursday 4th April 2024. We have taken some time to find a modern, user-friendly system.

Well over 90% of our patients contact us via the website, which is convenient and available to receive messages 24 / 7, but for patients without Smartphones or any access to the internet, those who struggle to read and write or the elderly using the phone is their only option.

We listened to the issues raised in our 2023 Patient Survey and read all of the comments about problems people had with our current phone system. We have moved to a different provider so believe that this newer system will mean those issues are a thing of the past.

You will be able to call the surgery and press for a call back, without losing your place in the queue. And a big bonus is the hold music will be much better, because everyone hated the old music!

All we ask is that you bear with us while we learn to use the new phone system. We are attending webinars and reading manuals so that we can make the changeover as smooth as possible. Another positive move for your surgery.