Register with the surgery

Catchment area

Before filling out a registration form, check you are in our catchment area.

You can also find out which GPs you can register with on the NHS website.

Registering with the surgery

To register with the surgery:

When you register, it’s helpful to have your NHS number. You can use the NHS website to find your NHS number.

Patients out of area

Patients who reside outside our practice area who:

  • Moved to a local area and would like to join us
  • Live outside practice boundaries but work within them
  • Are currently patients, but have moved to an address which is now outside the boundary area

may request to register with the practice. It is at the discretion of Friar Gate Surgery whether we accept the patient as an Out of Area Registered Patient. Each patient will be considered on their individual circumstances.

Friar Gate Surgery will not be able to provide home visits or other urgent care to patients when outside the practice area and the patient cannot reasonably be expected to attend the practice.

If such care is needed the patient would need to ring 111 (NHS 111) to arrange this.

The decision on whether to accept an out of area registered patient will be based on the following considerations:

  • Whether there are clinical conditions or care needs which mean registration without the ability to do home visits would compromise clinical care and the patient’s needs would be better met through registration with a practice near where they live
  • There are practical reasons which mean the patient is unlikely to benefit from out of area registrations with the practice e.g. the patient is not spending frequent periods of time in or near the practice area where they wish to register

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