Infection Control Statement

Our aim is to keep a clean and tidy surgery, to promote a safe environment for staff, patients and visitors in line with national and local guidelines.

This environment is the interface between the patient and the organisation and it provides both a practical and safe area in which to provide patient care. Every single person who works in healthcare has a responsibility to reduce infection risk by practising standard principles of infection control. This includes direct contact, indirect contact and airborne transmission.


The annual statement will be generated each year in March and will summarise :

  • Details of any infection transmission incidents and action taken (reported in line with our significant event procedure).
  • Details of any infection control audits undertaken and action taken.
  • Details of any infection control risk assessments undertaken.
  • Staff training.
  • Review and update of policies / procedures / guidelines which may be required.


The infection control lead is Dr Sarah Trafford, supported by our Practice Nurse Jacqui Gilman in conjunction with Anne Hutchinson, Practice Manager. Knowledge, information and any updates are shared with all staff.


All members of our nursing team have completed Infection Control training in the last 12 months, along with the wider team.

Those GPs responsible for performing minor surgery or other procedures remain updated re: infection control principles as per their continuing professional development needs.

Practice team to attend an in-house infection control training update June 2018 which will facilitated by Helen Forrest, Infection Control Lead at the Royal Derby Hospital. Training organised by Anne Hutchinson on an annual basis, to include the correct hand washing technique. BlueStream Training modules are also available for completion by the Friar Gate Surgery team. The cleaners are contracted by Clean Slate, a commercial company and comply with the infection control company standards.

Significant Events

The practice has been visited by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) under the new inspection regime. Last visited October 2016. Rating of “Good” achieved. Compliant in Cleanliness and Infection Control. There have been no in-house significant events in relation to infection control in the previous 12 months.

Infection Prevention and Control

The Infection Control Lead and Practice Manager undertake a risk audit around infection control issues in the practice environment each quarter, to ensure all areas are compliant. This year we have reviewed all consulting room flooring and chairs and washing facilities. Downstairs there are 6 consulting rooms in total. This includes 2 clinical treatment rooms with appropriate clinical treatment washable flooring.
One of the GP consulting rooms has part washable flooring.

In line with CQC requirements, all fabric covered patient chairs in consulting rooms are to be replaced with chairs with wipeable surfaces this year. Carpets are cleaned on a four monthly basis and privacy clinical curtains are replaced every six months.

There is a responsibility for the clinician working in the room to ensure the clinical environment is safe and uncluttered to assist the cleaners and prevent transmission of infection.

Cleaning specifications, frequencies and cleanliness of equipment

The Practice Manager Anne Hutchinson and our contract cleaners have worked together to update the cleaning specifications for the practice. This is an ongoing process as new local and national guidelines are published. Single use mop heads are now in use and colour coded kit is used pertaining to surgery areas cleaned.

Legionella and Sharps Handling and Clinical Waste Disposal

A legionella risk assessment is completed twice yearly, last assessment February 2018 undertaken by Brodex, external company, using recognised testing kits in line with Health & Safety local and National guidelines. The decommissioning of water tanks in the loft space occurred 2015 with mains water fed throughout the entire practice.
Sharps: compliant in all areas. Sharps boxes correctly handled with lids secured correctly. Clinical waste boxes assembled correctly and labelled and dated correctly
for external secure storage, pending collection by CCG courier.

Policies, procedures and guidelines

Policies are reviewed throughout the year with reference to the current Infection Prevention Solutions manual, review date December 2018. This is an ongoing process and amendments will be made as current advice changes.

Specific Actions for next 12 months

  • Replacement of basin and tap unit in each consulting room.
  • Replacement of carpet in each consulting room with hard surface covering.
  • Update protocols for all infection control and decontamination issues in line with CQC requirements.
  • Ensure all clinical staff complete hand wishing technique and infection control awareness training each year.

Completed March 2018 by Anne L Hutchinson, Practice Manager